• Volunteer in your community
  • Give to a favorite charity
  • Contact a local organization specializing in helping someone with a unique problem.

There won't be any fireworks. No one will hand you a medal or cash. There are no reward points. But you are going to feel great, and you will be s multiplier that contributes to something big.


and Assess


Help to those in need

Sum it up!

One small gesture may start a ripple of activity that can make a significant difference. No action is too small to matter.

It's Personal.

This is your moment.  You are equipped. Be confident.  You can make a difference.

Do you want to be more involved in your community, or with people?   Do you know someone that seems lonely, distracted or is having a hard time?  Are you uncertain on how to get involved or approach them?

What brought you to this website?  Is it a call to action.to help someone today? 

Hlpsum1 Suggestions

  • Start with a prayer
  • Take a friend for coffee & listen
  • Give a friend a lift to work
  • Give Mom a call!

Join Us

Hlpsum1 in Action

REad HOw HlpSum1 Pledge members are helping others right now

 Are you a part of a community that is empowered to help others?

Across the United States, thousands of organizations will support you in your efforts to help someone.  Each week, we would like to feature your personal movement here.  .Do you have a story to tell?  HlpSum1 would like to feature your story here!

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Let’s bring

an end to hopelessness. Let's help someone.


Locally and nationally,  HlpSum1 is formed to create a call to action.  Individuals and families are in need everywhere, and help can just be a step away, whether the need or the support is big or small.

HlpSum1 is pleased to announce the April Spotlight Story

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